🐰April, 2019 Happy Easter!!!

Easter events for kids in and around Vacaville

Easter fun activities:

🥚APR 20, Sat 8:30-10:00am  Bunny Breakfast: Mc Bride Senior Center 91 Town Square Pl Vacaville, CA

🥚APR 20, Sat 10:00-1:00pm  Bunnies and Bonnets Family Fun Day: Andrews Park, 614 E Monte Vista Ave. Vacaville, CA

🥚APR 13, Sat 1:00-3:30pm  Underwater Egg Hunt in Vacaville: Walter Graham Aquatic Center 1100 Alamo Drive Vacaville, CA

🥚APR 11-20 Visit the Easter Bunny at Jelly Belly in Fairfield: Thurs-Sat: Jelly Belly Factor 1 Jelly Way, Fairfield, CA

🥚APR, 6, Sat 10:00am–2:00pm Chick Days With The Easter Bunny: Western Ranch and Pet Supply 103 Aegean Way Vacaville, CA


🌍March, 2019 Happy Earth Day!!!!

Things we try to do in our office to help preserve our earth

We try our best to be more green:

  • Our give away bag is paper instead of plastic
  • We send out emails and text reminders for 6 month visit instead of postcards
  • We use digital xrays to reduce chemical and lead used

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💖February, 2019 Happy Valentines's Day!!! 

Where to find information about teeth?

Resource for parents:

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) put together an information and resources website to help provide to parents answers to some questions about their child’s teeth/dentist. 

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🎉January, 2019 Happy New Year!!!

New Year Resolution?

Thumb sucking:

We hear all the time in our office, "how do I get my child to stop sucking their thumb?".  A lot of kids suck either pacifiers, thumbs, or one or more fingers (digit sucking).  I will concentrate this post to thumb sucking.

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🎄December, 2018 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Early establishment of good oral hygiene, regular dental visit, and nutritional habits will follow your child into adulthood.

Start Dental care for your baby early:

Early care of your child's teeth and gums is essentials.  Dental care should start when their first tooth appears. 

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🦃November, 2018 Happy Thanksgiving!!!  

Try These 5 Strategies for Making Your Child’s Dental Appointment More Peaceful

  1. Start nowEstablish a ‘dental home’ for your children early (no later than the age of 1 year old). Introducing your child to the dentist at an early age shows your little one that dental care is a normal part of good health and the dental office is a safe place to go when an emergency arises. 

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🎃October, 2018 Happy Halloween!!! 

October Is National Dental Hygiene Month, let's go over oral hygiene techniques

 Proper brushing technique is to:

  • Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  • Gently move the brush back and forth in short (tooth-wide) strokes.
  • Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces and the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

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